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At Prom, you'll want to make it a night that everyone will talk about for years. That's why we offer the best transportation services for proms. Check out our limos, party buses and charters!

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We can help. With our fleet of beautiful limos and party buses, we can take care of everything—from picking up your friends at the door to dropping them off safely at home. We'll even make sure they have a great time while they're with us! You don't have to worry about anything except getting ready for your big night. You'll get to ride in style, and all your friends will be jealous that they didn't think of it first!

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Why Use For Prom Transportation? is the best choice for prom transportation because we offer a variety of different limousine services and party buses in Montgomery, AL and surrounding areas. You can choose from our many different vehicles including limos, SUVs, or motor coaches to make your night special. We have been providing top-notch service since many years and have more than many years of experience under our belt! We know that when you need a ride at prom time it's critical that everything goes smoothly—and we're here to help ensure this happens! We aim for 100% satisfaction every time you book an appointment with us by using state-of-the-art technology systems along with personal customer support representatives available 24/7 via phone calls or email messages sent out immediately after booking an appointment online through one of those methods mentioned above (click here).

Perfect Transportation Solutions

We offer a wide range of limousines and party buses to meet all your needs, ranging from classic and elegant black stretch luxury sedans to the latest in modern design with outrageous paint jobs and lights. No matter what kind of vehicle you need, we can help! Limomontgomery is a family owned business that has been serving the Montgomery area since many years—and we are proud of our reputation as one of the most reliable transportation providers in Alabama! Not only do we provide excellent service at affordable rates, but we also take pride in treating each customer like family. When you rent from us on prom night or any other occasion requiring special transportation services, rest assured that we will be there to pick you up on time without fail or delay.

Many Bus Rental Options

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Mini-Coach: a smaller capacity bus type that is similar to the 26-31 passenger mini-buses. This type of bus is typically used for shorter distance trips, such as going to school or work. Just sit back relax while you travel in style! If this sounds like something you'd like then contact us today. We have many options available including luxury buses, vans and even mini coaches! So no matter what size group you're traveling with there's definitely an option out there that will fit everyone perfectly well.

Party Bus, Limo, and Van Rentals Available is a professional transportation company that provides all types of vehicles for limousine, party bus, and charter bus rentals in Montgomery, AL. Our customers can choose from our wide range of vehicles for their special occasion such as prom, wedding, birthday or bachelor/bachelorette parties. We also offer shuttle services to sporting events like baseball games and football games.

Amazing Transportation Solutions

At, we are eager to provide you with an amazing experience. We have a wide variety of buses, limos, and vans that are perfect for any event. Whether you need transportation for an exclusive group or simply want to enjoy the night with friends, we have something that will fit your needs. You might be wondering how much it will cost to rent a party bus or limo from us? Well thankfully there are packages available at various prices depending on what type of vehicle you want and how many people will be riding in it!

Party Bus Rental Packages for Prom

Now that you know exactly what a party bus is, you can decide whether it's right for you. For example, if your prom is going to be in the evening and you're planning on going out afterwards, maybe have some drinks with friends or even hit up a club afterwards? The party bus would be great because it can hold all of your friends plus any decorations they might want to bring along. If your prom starts at 7 p.m., wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just meet at the door before heading inside together? That's where our limousines come into play! They offer seating for up to 10 passengers so everyone can pile into one vehicle and head straight over to start their night of fun.

Drop Off Service For Formal & School Event

We offer prom drop off services for formal and school events. Your prom limo or party bus will pick you up at your home, school or hotel, and transport you to the event location. They will make sure they arrive on time and safely get you where you need to be. We also offer graduation drop offs, class trip drop offs and other school event drop offs as well as formal event transportation services if needed.

Affordable Pricing on Rentals

When you reserve a limo or party bus rental from, the price is based on a variety of factors. The size of your group will play into what type of vehicle you choose and how long you need it for, so we’ve provided information on pricing below. Price per hour: The longer you rent your vehicle, the less expensive it is per hour. This means that if you have a large group and want to spend three hours in our limousine rental Montgomery AL, then this will be more cost effective than renting the same vehicle for just one hour.* Pricing may vary depending on availability and/or specific requests from customer.

How Getting Transportation Makes Your Prom Drop Off Great

The drop off service offered by is one of the best ways to ensure that your prom night goes smoothly. When you reserve a party bus rental or limo rental with us, we'll meet you at your location and drive you and your guests safely home at the end of the night. It's an affordable VIP experience that makes getting home from prom easy and fun! To learn more about our transportation options for proms in Montgomery County, Texas and how we can help make sure that your special day goes off without a hitch, call us today!

VIP Prom Experience

VIP experience is a special service that includes a few perks, like priority boarding and seating, a private attendant throughout the evening, and an upgraded limousine or party bus. When you reserve one of our services for your prom or another event with friends, you can upgrade from there to the VIP experience. You can reserve this upgrade through our website or by calling us directly. There isn't any particular time of year when reserving this service will be more difficult—there are simply no guarantees that we'll have enough vehicles available at any given moment!

Prom Buses Available Throughout Alabama

Although we have a variety of prom buses available throughout Alabama, our prices may vary depending on the location you are traveling to and from. All of our limos also come with restrooms for your convenience, as well as stereo systems for music, dance floors for dancing, bars for drinks and much more!

Which Vehicle Is Right For My Group?

When you’re planning a prom or special event, it is important to choose the right vehicle for your group. You will want to consider the following:

  • What type of event are you having?
  • How many people will be in attendance?
  • Do any of those attendees have mobility issues that can affect their ability to get into and out of a stretch limousine, party bus, or other vehicle?
  • Is there anything else that might make one type of vehicle more appropriate than another (for example, if you are going on an adventure at an amusement park)?

It is also important to take into consideration your budget as part of this decision-making process. If money is not something that concerns you too much, then by all means go ahead and rent the most extravagant option available—you deserve it! However, if finances are tight (or even just tight enough), then consider other options such as renting a limo bus instead which may save money while still providing plenty of room and comfort for everyone who attends your event.

Steps To Rent Your Limo, Party Bus, or Charter Bus To Prom

Let's get started with the process of reserving your limo, party bus, or charter bus!

  • Call us today and our friendly customer service team will help you book your reservation. We know that sometimes you can't make it to our office in person so we'll work with you from wherever you are.
  • Tell us where and when you want to pick up and drop off the vehicle on prom night, as well as any other details about the event (e.g., whether there will be additional passengers). If this is a special occasion for one of our customers, we might even offer some advice on how best to use their limo rental or party bus rentals as they see fit!
  • Choose which payment option works best for you: cash/check upon pickup, credit card over phone at time of booking (with no fee), online payment through PayPal before picking up the vehicle (again with no fee).

Our Pricing and Rates Explained

The pricing for limo rentals varies based on several factors. The most important of these is the number of hours that you rent the limo or party bus for. For example, if you reserve a 10-hour rental, then your price will be less per hour than it would be if you reserved a 4-hour rental. Another factor in determining the cost of renting our party buses and limousines is how many people are traveling in them. Each vehicle comes with different capacities, so if there are more guests than seats available on board then we will charge extra for each additional person who boards as well as extra for any luggage that needs to be stored below deck (for example). The third way we calculate rates is based on mileage traveled; this means that In addition to hourly rates or flat rates from point A to point B, we also offer "mileage" pricing which can sometimes result in lower overall costs because it does not include any additional fees such as waiting time or toll charges.

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