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Limo Montgomery strives to be your premier provider of transportation services for all of your educational events. We operate a fleet of the latest charter bus and minibus models to ensure that each trip is as comfortable and safe as possible for you, your staff, and your students. Our impact extends across all 50 states to make travel easier for everyone involved.

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 School Trips Transportation Company
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School Trip Bus Rentals

When it comes to field trips, you want to make sure that your students are in good hands. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary transportation needed for your student's trip while keeping them safe during their journey. This includes school bus rentals, limousines, shuttles and charter buses! We have been serving the community for more than many years now so we know how important it is for parents to trust their children’s safety into our hands when they go on an excursion from school or homecoming events like proms or formals. That’s why we are dedicated at providing top-notch services at competitive prices so that both parents and students can enjoy their trip without having any worries about cost or quality of service rendered by us

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Field Trips And School Bus Rentals

You may be wondering "What is the difference between a field trip and school bus rentals?" Field trips are educational excursions that provide students with a chance to explore the world outside of the classroom. School bus rentals are the transportation that takes your students out of the classroom, into their environment. The best way to learn about something new is to experience it, which is why we offer school bus rentals for field trips in Maryland and Washington D.C., Virginia and other locations throughout our network. We can also help plan your itinerary so you know exactly what will happen during each stop along your journey!

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Affordable rates: When it comes to limo rentals, you will find that we offer some of the most affordable rates around. Excellent service: Our team members are dedicated to providing excellent service for our customers. We work hard to keep our clients happy and satisfied with their experience with us for many years now. We provide reliable transportation services for all types of events such as school field trips, birthday parties and wedding celebrations. High quality vehicles: We own a large fleet of vehicles including buses, luxury sedans and limousines which gives us the flexibility to provide you with almost any type of vehicle in Montgomery area at any time that suits your needs best. You can choose from our wide range of classy vehicles to suit your taste while still staying within budget constraints. Friendly staff: Our staff is friendly and courteous making sure that everyone feels comfortable during their ride with us whether they're riding alone or part of a group booking

Amazing Field Trip Travels With Charters

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Field trips are a great way to bring your students to a new location, whether it's the zoo, a museum or an amusement park. Field trips are also a great way of introducing your students to different cultures, environments and people. For example, you can take them on field trips that will teach them about the wildlife in their own backyard or even just by taking them down the street for ice cream! Another reason why it's important for schools and teachers to organize school field trips is because they help build relationships between kids who don't get along well with each other otherwise (i.e., if you have kids who aren't friends at all). These types of events allow everyone involved—both parents and children alike—to bond over shared interests/experiences together such as going on vacation together!

Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Motorcoaches

Greek events are a great way to celebrate and connect with your community. You can rent one of our buses or motorcoaches for your next Greek event and get there in style! We have buses that are perfect for your school trip or sports event, and we'll give you the best rates around. We also offer limo services if you're looking to make a night out on the town more fun and memorable than ever before. Our professional staff will help you plan any event from start to finish while providing excellent customer service at every step along the way!

Tour Colleges With A Coach Bus

If you're planning a field trip or school event, consider renting a coach bus. Coach buses are great for transporting students in comfort and style to see colleges or other places of interest. Coach buses are often used by schools; some even provide them as part of their transportation services. Many schools have these vehicles on hand to help with field trips, but they may also be rented by families who wish to take their children around town without having to drive themselves or arrange alternative transportation services such as Uber or Lyft (which don't typically offer child seats). When considering which type of vehicle will be best suited for your needs—whether it's for educational purposes or simply personal enjoyment—it's important that you consider your budget first before everything else comes into play. You don't want anyone getting left behind because they didn't have enough money saved up in advance! 

Travel Off-campus for Academic Meetings With Minibus Rentals

We offer minibus rentals for off-campus academic meetings. These vehicles are ideal for traveling in groups and can seat up to 10 passengers at once. Minibuses are also more affordable than larger vehicles, making them a great choice if you have a large group that needs to travel together. They’re especially useful when you need transportation to and from airports, sporting events or other special events and conferences.

Organize Shuttle Bus Transportation for Non-profit Events

In order to create a successful event, transportation must be planned in advance. If you are organizing a shuttle bus transportation for non-profit events, there is no time like the present! There are many different types of shuttle buses available on the market today including school buses and mini buses. You can rent these vehicles in varying sizes and styles to fit your needs. When renting a shuttle bus, it's important to choose one that is comfortable yet spacious enough for everyone in attendance at your event. The more people you have attending your event, the larger vehicle you will need for transporting them safely from point A to B—and back again when it's all over! Additionally, if you're planning on having music or other entertainment during your occasion then this may require even more space than normal so make sure to consider this as well when making decisions about what type of vehicle would work best for yours needs. Finally though if budget isn't an issue then definitely consider purchasing rather than renting since buying something outright means owning it forever instead just paying monthly payments every month...and who wouldn't want that?

Affordable Pricing on Field Trip Rentals

Our goal is to make your experience on our site as user-friendly as possible. We want to help you find the best deals on field trip rentals in Atlanta, Georgia, Montgomery and Alabama. We offer affordable pricing for field trip rentals and school event limo buses for rent. Our website is easy to navigate and use which makes it convenient for you to search through our inventory of school bus rental companies in the area. You can also use our live chat feature if you have any questions about vehicle availability or other topics related to planning a field trip with us!

Sports Travel Rentals for Colleges

College sports travel is an exciting industry, and one that's only getting bigger. College sports travel can be a great way for colleges to promote their school and their sports, as well as provide a fun experience for the players and fans. College athletics teams frequently participate in tournaments or games that take place outside the state where they are located. These out-of-state trips often require transportation by plane or bus—and sometimes both! That’s where we come in! We offer charter bus rentals to college athletic teams all over the country, making sure they get there safely and on time. Carrying more than 50 passengers at once? No problem! Whether you need buses or limos for your next big event or tournament, we've got you covered!

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Let us be your guide to the best travel experience. We have a wide variety of vehicles, from limos and party buses to airport shuttles, to meet your needs. Whether you need transportation for an important business meeting or a fun night out with the family, we can help. Our fleet is the best in Montgomery County, Maryland and surrounding areas! All of our vehicles are meticulously maintained by our experienced staff using only top-quality parts. You can check out our fleet page here if you would like more information about what we have available.

Steps To Rent Your Limo, Party Bus, or Charter Bus

Visit our website and get an instant quote for your limo, party bus, or charter bus rental. Call us to book your reservation and pay the deposit required by the rental company to hold your vehicle. This step is crucial because it ensures that we will have enough room in our fleet for you! Pick up your vehicle on the day of your trip or special event at a time of your choosing (within reason). You can also choose one of our concierge services, like scheduling a pick-up location or having someone meet you at the airport with directions and tips about what to do in San Diego during transit time between flights or other modes of transportation (i.e., Uber/Lyft). Enjoy yourself! We hope that this guide has helped demystify some common questions about renting party buses, buses, limousines etc., but if there's anything else we can help you with please don't hesitate to contact us directly via phone call or email!

Our Fleet of Limousines and Party Buses

Our fleet of limousines and party buses is available to take you and your group on a fun-filled trip. When you rent a limousine, you can choose from the following types:

  • Stretch limos are the most popular because they give you the most room to get comfortable in. They come with seating for up to 10 passengers, as well as extra legroom and plenty of space for luggage.
  • SUV limos provide similar space as stretch models but with their own unique style, perfect for those who want something different or who have special occasions like weddings or proms where they need to stand out from everyone else on the road.
  • Party buses are great ways of transporting groups of people in style—they come equipped with bars, TVs, dance floors and much more! Choose between our party bus options today!

Our Pricing and Rates Explained

Our prices are competitive and affordable, but we also offer discounts for groups of 10 or more people. We also give discounts to schools and non-profit organizations. In addition to these discounts, we offer a range of other rates depending on your needs. Seniors can enjoy a discounted rate as well as veterans, law enforcement officers and police departments.

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Airport Transportation

Traveling via airport? Our Airport Transportation services are perfect for executives, or large groups. Selections include limos, or vans and sprinter buses.

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